Explainer: Period Shaming and Poverty

Nicole follows the story of #Pinkygate, the outrage over a menstrual product developed by two German entrepreneurs. Their presentation of “Pinky Gloves” on the show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Germany’s take on “Dragon’s Den”) caused a widespread backlash for addressing a non-existent problem, perpetuating period shaming and exacerbating period poverty. The single-use gloves also add to the already huge pile of menstrual waste ending up on the world’s landfills each year.

She also talked about the topic on “The Day” with Brent Goff

The show’s investor Ralf Dümmel has since apologized for his ignorance regarding the topic of menstruation and the founders have pulled the product following the debate.

For the production of the piece, Nicole collaborated with Lilian Radulova and Ibrahim Nash’at.